Nondual coaching

"It is the nature of consciousness to seek wholeness, it is our destiny to find it everywhere."

                     ~ Vera de Chalambert

Read latest essay "Blessings of Brokenness" in the new anthology from Science and Nonduality Conference:


Vera de Chalambert, MTS is a spiritual storyteller and Harvard-educated scholar of comparative religion working at the meeting place of theology, spirituality and social change. Vera is a writer, speaker and cultural critic offering a vision of emerging femininine wisdom for our times. Her writing has been read around the world and translated into four languages. Her work is informed by interspiritual insights from the world’s great wisdom traditions and is based on the nondual approach. 

Having spent many years studying world religions and wisdom lineages, she brings forth a unique blend of healing presence, spiritual insight and philosophical range. Vera teaches at the intersection of culture and spirituality and offers spiritual direction to individuals. She has been invited to speak internationally at colleges, gatherings and conferences such as SAND Science and Nonduality Conference in the US and Europe, Sister Giant in Washington DC and the Dawn of Inter-Spirituality in Costa Rica. Vera holds a Master's degree in comparative religion from Harvard Divinity School. Her work is informed by rich insights from both Eastern and Western philosophies. 

In a way personal growth is simply about becoming more fully ourselves. Ultimately, rather than becoming something more than we are, we become more ordinary, more vulnerable, more tenderhearted. Thats all. Tender beings who can meet all of life with compassion and heart. We learn to embrace our pain, our brokenness, our imperfection and that of the world. We let it reveal our radical entanglement with everything. From this place of humility and solidarity we often begin to hear our deepest calling. 


                                         "It is always from our deepest wound,

from the thing that breaks our heart the most,

that our yearning, our calling,

our purpose in life emerges."

 ~Vera de Chalambert

This being human is not for the faint of heart. We suffer, we feel disconnected, we forget to be kind. Our lives are sometimes a holy mess. The most precious flavor of holy. But no matter our circumstances, wholeness is present within us exactly as we are right now. As we surrender to its intelligence it reorganizes our lives into instruments of its own design. It invites us to offer everything to this transformation and to dedicate this transformation to all. We can not heal or awaken alone. We need each other. This planet is on the brink of unprecedented change as we step into the Anthropocene, and it will need all of us.  We rise for each other and heal together.


All this is full. All that is full.

From fullness, fullness comes.

When fullness is taken from fullness,

Fullness still remains.

~Isha Upanishad

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*Disclaimer: Our work is spiritual in nature, and we are not licensed clinicians of any type. All activities at Healing Awakening are performed under the auspices of the religious and spiritual traditions which we have studied and we remain accountable to those authorities and to the principles and the ethics of those who seek honestly to better understand themselves, this world we live in, and our personal relationship with God or divinity. We do not claim to diagnose or cure medical or psychological conditions. Our services are complementary in nature and do not replace primary medical or psychiatric care.

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