Soul Coaching

These unique integral coaching sessions are an invitation to commit deeply to the Self, to reconnect with the voice of our Soul and to move where it beckons. In the sessions clients are invited to embrace their unique life vision, the deep longing that unlocks our creative current. They are further supported in the process of clearing out the myriad of early developmental gaps and misconceptions that stand in the way of an undefended, authentic and creative life.  Ultimately this is no less then a movement of awakening; coming out of the false identification with our past, our fears and idealized self images and coming into the real power of presence, the power to embody our Soul.


This is an invitation to step into your truth, release everything that no longer serves you, anything that stifles your soul's impulse. What the world needs now is you, your truth, your most authentic movement and manifestation. 


Clients who are attracted to this work are no longer satisfied with superficial solutions and seek embodied, integrated and conscious personal transformation.


It is time to dive into the sacred song of your soul, let your soul dance you awake.

© Copyright 2014-2021 Vera de Chalambert. All rights reserved.


*Disclaimer: Our work is spiritual in nature, and we are not licensed clinicians of any type. All activities at Healing Awakening are performed under the auspices of the religious and spiritual traditions which we have studied and we remain accountable to those authorities and to the principles and the ethics of those who seek honestly to better understand themselves, this world we live in, and our personal relationship with God or divinity. We do not claim to diagnose or cure medical or psychological conditions. Our services are complementary in nature and do not replace primary medical or psychiatric care.

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