In my work I stand upon the shoulders of great spiritual and healing elders including Barbara Brennan and Jason Shulman, Reb Zalman and Father Thomas Keating. But the only lineage I can truly call my own is the lineage of the Deep Feminine. What I have to offer, I have received through direct experience and many years of standing in the fires of the Soul. My only offering is to hold space as your soul shifts into its own Knowing. Its own body. There will be no fixing or forcing currents. I trust the Intelligence that is constantly birthing our being. Together we will invite the wisdom and authority in your own heart to pour forth. If you are moving through spiritual crisis, I am here to sit with you and offer encouragement and support. Your holy ordeal is no mistake. Your life is the mystery school. There is an exquisite Mercy woven into Reality. It will not fail you. This work is spiritual in nature and does not offer a substitute for therapy or medical treatment. Nor is this coaching of any kind. My work is trauma informed and soul directed. In the end responsibility for our own spiritual process always resides with ourselves. But we need not do it alone. I work on a sliding scale.

All sessions are held over Zoom.

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*Disclaimer: Our work is spiritual in nature, and we are not licensed clinicians of any type. All activities at Healing Awakening are performed under the auspices of the religious and spiritual traditions which we have studied and we remain accountable to those authorities and to the principles and the ethics of those who seek honestly to better understand themselves, this world we live in, and our personal relationship with God or divinity. We do not claim to diagnose or cure medical or psychological conditions. Our services are complementary in nature and do not replace primary medical or psychiatric care.

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