Vera de Chalambert
Vera de Chalambert

From time immemorial the capacity to enter holy darkness was seen as a sign of spiritual leadership. Moses must enter the “thick darkness” of the cloud where God dwells, Christ consent to the radical kenosis of the cross, the tantric masters must become intimate with the mandalas of loss in the messy, hopeless, initiatic darkness of the charnel grounds. Our world is in crisis and the call from the deep is strong. A great Quickening is upon us. The times of revelation through chosen mouthpieces is long past and today we are each called to become prophets. The Divine is constantly trying to birth through us and as Meister Eckhart posits, we must all become Holy Mothers. We have officially entered messianic times, and Tag! You are it! As mystics we seek God, as prophets, God is desperately seeking us. How can we consent to God’s advances? The future is pouring through every crevice of our bodies and broken hearts, if we can only bare such revelation, and the prophetic spirit is available to everyone willing to turn towards the Real and to consent to the labour that the Divine is trying to do though us. From amidst their own dark times the biblical prophets when called upon would answer, Hineni! Here I am, do with me as you will! And like them, from within our own unparalleled dark time we too are collectively being beckoned and initiated. How shall we respond?

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*Disclaimer: Our work is spiritual in nature, and we are not licensed clinicians of any type. All activities at Healing Awakening are performed under the auspices of the religious and spiritual traditions which we have studied and we remain accountable to those authorities and to the principles and the ethics of those who seek honestly to better understand themselves, this world we live in, and our personal relationship with God or divinity. We do not claim to diagnose or cure medical or psychological conditions. Our services are complementary in nature and do not replace primary medical or psychiatric care.

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