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January 21, 2017

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Kali Takes America: I'm with Her

December 18, 2016

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She Rose

January 21, 2017



"It is time for women to stand up. Not like men but as ordinary women, telling the truth.  There has been enough hiding.

                                                                           ~ Gangaji


What happens when women stand up? The biggest protest in US History! This moment makes my heart sing. Makes my heart tremble. She rose. She here. She even ride in on tiger, pink cat ears et all... The stage is soo perfectly set... Oh Mama carry us through. Oh Mama teach us to stand in your Fire. It has only just begun. In eight states republican legislators have already attempted to criminalize peaceful protest. Donald Trump will be electing a Supreme Court justice any day now. War is being waged on everything that is decent and holy in our country and it is being fought in the state legislatures and local court houses as much as in the White House. Yes the resistance grows, but each drop of blood will a thousand more enemies birth. If you've ever known a malignant narcissist, you know what I mean. Yesterday was the beginning. Yesterday was solidarity and togetherness and hope. Yesterday made ripples in reality for generations to come. Yesterday the World Soul set fire. Shakti rose.


Today a new day. We will need to kindle this sacred flame, keep gâthering, keep resisting, keep organizing. Keep speaking truth. Keep tolerating the tension, grounding the energy newly in the field- holding opposites in our body - moving beyond either or thinking- exiling nothing. And keep deepening our spiritual lives. We must not skip a beat but this is not about making more noise. We march to the Great Broken-hearted Heartbeat. And forget not that winter is still coming. Wake up wake up it is time to pray. What is your True North? What do you sit and stand for? What are you willing to give up for it? If all were stripped of you, if all that can burn, burned up - what remains? These are the questions I sit with. We must listen deeply now. The Call is strong.


And in case you think you can pray, or meditate or mantra out of this, wake the f#ck up beloved! Now we meditate, pray and mantra only into it. There is no more time for narcissistic spirituality. Our planet is in crisis. Our country on the brink of fascism. We live in messianic times. And, tag you are it. We are not free until we are all free, this Mama has no orphans. So yesterday was the beginning. A culture waking up. The Noosphere rising. We birthing the New Earth here and we are in transition. The birthing pains will be unlike any others, as my friend Valerie Kaur says, breathe and push! If we don't, the Child will die, the world crowning in our hearts will die. But we were made to do the hard work of labor and we will walk through these fires of transfiguration.


She ride in on a tiger, magnificent and fierce in a sea of pink. But we are in the long game. We must remain vigilant, relentless, grounded in the Real. We must pray and prepare. The night will be long. The night will be dark. The forces of separation are great. But She IS here now and in the late hour, when all hope is lost and all that we most loathe to give is stripped and when the Tigers skin is but a belt on Her bare dark form she will rise even more terrible, as only Love can be. And She will Win.

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